Frost Gelato Support

Frost Gelato has an established support team that has been leading the growth of Frost over the last five years. With the guidance of Nazario Melchionda, our Master Gelato Chef from Bologna, Italy, Frost has put together a training program that will provide the skills for duplicating the unique concept and production of Gelato and Sorbets that has made Frost a success.

Frost is an amazing one-of-a-kind concept that is unlike any other Gelato shop. The size of a typical Frost Gelato Shoppe ranges from 1,300 sq.ft. to 1,800 sq.ft. Our concept is a first class design that will serve hundreds of patrons with our freshly produced gelato and sorbets created daily on-site in your Frost kitchen.

Site Selection/Architectural Design: Utilizing our knowledge and expertise, our Development Team will assist you in finding an ideal location and provide you support in building out your Frost Gelato Shoppe.

Frost Gelato University: We will conduct our initial training in Tucson, Arizona, that will give you hands on experience covering all operational procedures that will be necessary in opening a Frost Gelato Franchise and manufacturing the Frost Gelato product. Nazario or one of his staff of certified Gelato chefs will teach you all of our proprietary techniques for creating Gelato and Sorbets.

On-Site Training: Representatives of the Frost Gelato Development Team will be there to assist you and your staff on-site at your location as you commence operations. Additional assistance will be provided as needed by the Development Team as you grow your Frost Franchise.

Product/Equipment/POS: You will be required to purchase all of the gelato product, equipment, necessary supplies and the computer point-of-sales system through our Wholesale Division at discounted prices to run your Frost Gelato Shoppe Franchise. We will be able to assist you in tracking your data, forecasting future sales and controlling an effective inventory supply.

Operations Manual: Frost will provide the proprietary operations manual that details all of our successful operating procedures, educational information and industry standards for running a successful operation.

Marketing: We will provide you with assistance in developing new and innovative campaigns for your Frost Gelato Franchise.